Access Application Form

If you would like to submit an application for access to DBCT, please download the Access Application Form and return the completed form to:

The Chief Executive Officer
DBCT Management Pty Ltd
Level 15, Waterfront Place
1 Eagle Street


Access Undertaking

The Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal is a multi user coal terminal regulated by the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA). The terms and conditions by which third parties may gain access to the terminal's services and the conditions under which DBCT Management must expand the terminal's capacity are described in a QCA approved Access Undertaking (AU).

Approved 2017 Access Undertaking

One component of the AU is a Standard Access Agreement (SAA) which includes the minimum contract terms under which DBCT Management must provide access to the terminal where there is excess terminal capacity available.

Another key component of the AU is the access application form which current or potential new users must complete and send to DBCT Management if they wish to gain access to additional capacity. When there is no spare capacity at the terminal, a capacity queue is formed as per the requirement of section 5 of the AU. Upon receipt of an access application form, DBCT Management must promptly advise any access seeker of their position in the queue and the prospects for further expansion of the terminal.


Standard Access Agreement

The Access Undertaking includes DBCT Management's Standard Access Agreement, which are the standard terms upon which DBCT Management provides access to DBCT.

Click here to download the DBCT Standard Access Agreement.


DBCT Terminal Regulations

Click here to download the Terminal Regulations for DBCT

Draft Coastal Management Plan

Click here to view a copy of the draft coastal management plan released by the Queensland Government in September 2013