DBCT is currently the third largest bulk export coal terminal in the world behind Port Waratah in NSW (terminals of Kooragang and Carrington) and Richard's Bay in South Africa.

DBCT was established by the Queensland Government in 1983

Prime Infrastructure won a 50 year lease (with a 49 year option) to operate, maintain and develop the coal terminal in 2001

DBCT was Prime Infrastructure's foundation asset

At the time of granting the lease in 2001, Prime Infrastructure started construction of the Stage 6 expansion (new berth 3 and shiploader SL3)

DBCT predominantly ships metallurgical coal, but can also handle PCI and thermal coals.

DBCT uses two reclaimers to supply coal to each shiploader.  This means coal can be blended to form unique brands, according to the requirements of the end purchaser

DBCT currently services eight mining customers producing coal from up to 16 mines

Coals produced from the central Bowen Basin are among some of the highest quality in the world and are in great demand by global steel makers

Coals from DBCT are shipped all over the world with Japan, Korea, China and India the current (2010) largest customers

DBCT is a regulated asset by the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA)