Where does most of the coal get shipped to?

Coal is shipped to countries all around the world.  The biggest receivers are typically Korea, Japan, China and India.

Will there be further expansion of DBCT?

DBCTM is currently in receipt of access requests for approximately 100 million tonnes of capacity.    The next expansion of DBCT is in the concept stage of development.

What happens during a cyclone?

When a cyclone poses a real threat, all machines will be stopped in advance of the cyclone crossing land and affixed to their cyclone tie-down points.  Once the threat of the cyclone has diminished, regular operations will continue.

Are the two coal terminals in Hay Point related?

There is no relation between HPCT and DBCT.  HPCT is owned and operated by BMA, DBCT is owned by Brookfield Infrastructure Limited Partnership (BILP).

Sometimes there is a large queue of ships anchored offshore, why does the queue fluctuate?

Depending upon coal delivery delays and mine production delays, some ships are forced to wait off-shore until the coal allocated to their voyage has reached the terminal and progressed to the ship-loaders ready for loading.  Because the ships take a long time to travel from the ports around the world to DBCT, the best option may be to have the ship anchored offshore for a short time until the coal is ready for loading.