DBCT Management relies on the cooperation and assistance of a number of key stakeholders in undertaking the day-to-day operations of the terminal.

DBCT Holdings
DBCT Holdings is a wholly owned Queensland Government entity which owns DBCT and leases the terminal to DBCT Management. Management and staff of DBCT Management meet regularly with the board of DBCT Holdings to discuss the operations of the terminal and planning for further expansions.

Queensland Competition Authority (QCA)
The QCA is the state-based regulator with responsibility for ensuring DBCT Management complies with its obligation to the state to provide access to the terminal on fair and reasonable terms.

Mining Companies
DBCT Management has take-or-pay contracts with 8 major mining companies producing both metallurgical and thermal coals from the Bowen Basin coalfields.

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Pty Ltd
Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Pty Ltd is a company owned by 5 of the 8 mining companies who put coal through DBCT for the purposes of providing day-to-day management of the terminal under an Operations and Maintenance Contract with DBCT Management.

Integrated Logistics Company Pty Ltd
The ILC is a company owned by all the major stakeholders in the Dalrymple Bay Coal Chain for the purposes of providing coordination and planning advice to the mining companies and key infrastructure service providers.

DBCT operates in close proximity to a number of communities within the Mackay Regional Shire. DBCT Management takes extremely seriously its obligations to consult with local communities and regularly presents information regarding operations and expansions of the terminal to community representatives at open forums.

DBCT Management is aware of the importance of end-user support for the ongoing viability and expansion of DBCT. DBCT Management regularly hosts visitors to the terminal to facilitate a greater understanding of the operations of the terminal and to assist with the mining companies efforts to market their coal internationally.