DBCT Management


DBCT is a multi-user coal export facility located 38 kilometres south of Mackay at the Port of Hay Point.

DBCT is owned by the Queensland State Government and is leased to DBCT Management through a 50 year lease with a further 49 year option.

Through significant capital investments since taking over the lease, DBCT Management has expanded the capacity of DBCT to its current nameplate capacity of 85 MTPA. All of this capacity is currently contracted to coal producers located in the Bowen Basin coalfields.

DBCT is declared for third party access under the Queensland Competition Authority Act with terms and conditions of access regulated by a QCA approved access undertaking.

DBCT operates in a dynamic environment receiving upwards of 20 trains per day from two competing train service providers servicing 8 parent companies with approximately 16 coal mines.

DBCT Management is committed to providing an efficient and cost-effective port solution for both producers and consumers of high quality Australian export coals.


DBCT Management