DBCT is conscious of a range of environmental issues, including efficient water usage, sustainability, spillage prevention, dust suppression, noise mitigation and the conservation of nearby flora and fauna populations.

DBCT uses many measures to ensure water usage and wastage is kept to a minimum. Water usage is closely monitored, with all water on the site being captured and recycled. The design of the stockyard allows for the capture of runoff to be reused on the site. All water used off-shore on the jetty and wharves are captured and returned to be reused on-shore.

To minimise the risk of spillages, a number of precautionary measures are undertaken including: risk assessments prior to activities being undertaken, bunding around storage tanks, clean-up kits and plans located all around the terminal and comprehensive incident reporting of spills. DBCT also use extensive processes to mitigate dust such as: moisture addition in all transfer points; computer controlled stockyard sprinkler systems which are synchronised with real time weather events; and stockyard veneering utilising a natural benign gum based product.

In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency, the DBCT Operator reports the amount of energy used per tonne of coal shipped as part of the NGER system.

Further, DBCT makes use of Turtle friendly sodium-vapour lighting to ensure pregnant female turtles are not repelled from the shore. This increases the possibility of the mother turtle successfully giving birth to her offspring and bolstering turtle numbers.

More information about conservation of the turtle population can be accessed at the following link.